Rare Photos Of Life in Stockholm and on the west coast in Lysekil with surroundings before 1900

View towards the Old Town and the Southern part of Stockholm city, 1900.

The Railway bridge across the water at Tegelbacken in Stockholm (The Skinnarviken mountains in the background), 1900.
A young woman in the main Curman villa, 'Storstugan', Lysekil, ca. 1890s
Horse drawn trams, Stockholm in 1900.
Men with drinks and cigars at villa Bergshyddan (built for C.F. Lundström-father of Calla Curman), Lysekil, ca. 1890s
View in winter over Saltsjön (Salt water sea) from Katarinahissen (the Katarina Elevator), Stockholm, ca. 1890s
Fishermen and a child from Lysekil, ca. 1860s
Big bathhouse and Curman's first villa, Lysekil, 1875.
View over area of falls and sluices in Trollhättan, 1888.
Trollhättan Falls in 1888.
Area of falls and sluices in Trollhättan, 1888.